Python programming the step by step python coding

Python programming the step by step python coding guide
Original name:

Programming Music Mix for Dark Minds
Original name: Programming Music Mix for Dark Minds by Not everyone will like this but I like this kind of dark music :P Next music mixes will be normal again don't ...

Python - Transform text in mp3
Original name: How to use python and gTTS module to transform a text into an audio file, an mp3. Just some lines of code and you're done. I am blogging about pyton here ...

Making A Basic Four Function Calculator in Python
Original name: Coding a basic Calculator in Python. For amusement I also recorded the funny faces I make while coding.

PyQT Designer to Python code Conventer on Windows
Original name: Open: start cmd, type: cd (location of your user interface(ui) file) then: cd pyuic4 -x (filename).ui -o (filename).py have fun .d ...

programming MIDI stuff with Python and testing with MFB-522
Original name: okay the last video was pretty bad, but this time it's in WIDESCREEN and with a much nicer drum beat, it even features a variation in the 4th bar! and you can ...

Learn Python programming: Average calcuator tutorial
Original name: Hi Peeps, I was curious and wanted to upload a video showing people how to code using Python. Please like the video and share!!

"Choppy Water" - Live Coding with FoxDot (Python and SuperCollider)
Original name: Hadn't uploaded much recently and thought I'd try out the "chop" function I added (i.e. stole from Tidal). I was hugely inspired by the performances at the ICLC ...

Reinforcement learning autonomous vehicle in Python
Original name: This is a clip of a quickly trained reinforcement learning body created in Python and Keras/Theano after about 10 minutes of training. Code and description here: ...

Test code ddos Python
Original name: Code DDoS Python.

turtlebot and python in ros
Original name: Using the button on the turtlebot to be controlled.Python code written.

COSC 1306: Installing Python 3.6 and PyCharm CE [Mac]
Original name: Step by step tutorial for installing Python 3.6 and PyCharm CE for macOS computers. Python 3.6: PyCharm CE: ...

pylletTown - Pokemon tilemap demo running in python
Original name: You can view the source code of this demo with more information on GitHub: pylletTown is a TMX based demo of the ...

Simply Coding Learn to Code Python School Approved
Original name:

Raspberry Pi 2 First Python code 3 LEDs
Original name: Description.

Live Coding in 9/4 with FoxDot - Python and SuperCollider
Original name: Using any time signature with my old time-keeping system was a pain so I wanted to play around a bit with my new one to make sure it worked and thought I'd ...

Swag MUSIC - Using python code
Original name: Sick beatz created by DJ GURU.

My Programming Learning - Python
Original name: So I am now studying in MMU Cyberjaya (shoutout to MMU woohhoooo ;) ) of foundation in IT programme I am not really sure why did I opened my task manager ...

Reinforcement learning autonomous vehicle in Python - demo 2
Original name: This is a clip of my RL "Robocar" maneuvering around obstacles at high speed after about 800 games of training. Code and description here: ...

Realtime Plotting with Python and pylab/matplotlib
Original name: Realtime Plotting with Python and pylab/matplotlib More info and source code at:

Digitech Whammy MIDI Metronome (using Python)
Original name: The Digitech Whammy has a MIDI input that can be used to change the pedal controls. I wrote some Python code to send commands to the MIDI input from my ...

Poly Core Live Coding Practice
Original name: Just some practice jamming... Poly Core are Sam Aaron on Sonic Pi and Ben Smith on Guitar Guitar meets Code...

Python 19 Porting Python Code
Original name:

Snow - Conteo de Personas (Python - OpenCv - Numpy - Ubuntu) No code
Original name: Conteo básico de personas a cuerpo entero y de perfil, utilizando técnicas de procesamiento de vídeo y visión artificial. Próximamente conteo desde arriba de ...

Longest Increasing Subsequence (Python)
Original name: This video takes you through the algorithm to find the longest increasing subsequence in a given sequence. Code: ...

Python Simple Client/Server Program
Original name: This video gives a demonstration of how you can quickly setup a client server program in Python Programming Language.

Voice coding
Original name: Actual coding starts at 1:20 A short demonstration of my voice coding project. This is still in the early stages and I'm trying out a lot of different design ideas (most ...

Albert Lavignac Galop Marche 1 Piano 8 Hands Blender Animation
Original name: À Mademoiselle Julia Lemoine, Galop-marche, à huit mains sur un seul piano par Albert Lavignac Galop-March by Albert Lavignac Piano Quartet for 1 Piano, ...

MC Pikachu e MC Fioti - Vai Toma (KondZilla)
Original name: Inscreva-se no Canal da KondZilla e assista os clipes antes de todo mundo. Escute a playlist do KondZilla no Spotify: ...

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