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Guide for using amelia bedelia
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Spirits - SlyphStorm ft. Decibelle
Original name: So I tried something different and wrote a slower, more ominous track about the end of the world. Hooray! And I was able to snag the honor of working...

Carbon Maestro - Chaos Theory (feat. Forest Rain and MEMJ0123)
Original name: Instrumental, Lyrics: Carbon Maestro Vocals: Forest Rain, MEMJ0123 Art: Mn27 Album: (Ascension EP, September 2nd, 2014) ...

Amelia's Notebook- Light Neutral
Original name: Music from Your Notebook With Help From Amelia I do not own this. All credit goes to American Girl.

Guide You Blindly - Tellab & MeetSouder
Original name: I really love this song soo much. And I also think the person did I really good job. Good job guys! --COPYRIGHT-- Rights regarding "My Little Pony: Friendship is ...

Amelia's Notebook- Comedic
Original name: Music from Your Notebook With Help From Amelia I do not own this! All credit goes to American Girl.

Injustrial - Obey (Album Version)
Original name: You should read the description. I always put important information and other tidbits here ---- Follow me on Facebook: ...

Hollywood by Amelia the Queen - Sean Maxwell Video Production
Original name: Hollywood - Written & Performed by Amelia the Queen Music Produced by Bei Maejor A Sean Maxwell Video Production Videography ...

Neighsayer - The Nightmare is Watching
Original name: Originally uploaded July 2, 2012. Download:

Injustrial - Resist Refuse Rebel Arise
Original name: Time for another high speed one. This time, with strings! ------ The story about Nightmare Moon in the first two episodes always struck me as quite biblical.

[Acoustic Rock] Cutie on Wheels (Wheely Bopper's Theme)
Original name: Soooooooo there's this flash animation ( that was posted awhile back that I have NEVER been able to find the artist for, but one of the Cyril ...

Original name: Oh wow! whats this? O_O a new track! Gasp! Hope you enjoy this track :33 i am gonna be releasing more soon! hue hue hue! enjoy~ Check out My Official ...

Resonant Waves - The Tranquil Forest
Original name: Osu! is a free-to-play online rhythm game Map by: ztrot My little Pony belongs to Hasbro.

Let's play: Osu! Changeling - All Levels at Once
Original name: Check out My Official Website!: Download: Hey! I made this ...

Resonant Waves - House of Terror [Chords of Chaos II Album]
Original name: NAÏVE POETRY VOL-01 ٭⋆⍟⍣☆٭⋆⍟⍣☆stellar sounds from another plane?☆٭⋆⍟⍣☆٭⋆⍟⍣ personnel: teee - organ grinders, french press, dutch bubbler, ...

⋆⍟⍣coffee pot shop⍣⋆⍟
Original name: FOR THE NEW LUNAR REPUBLIC!! This song is dedicated to Nathan "Soundboard" Schouw, for his constant devotion to the Princess of the Night, and to The ...

ΛUTOMATIC JΛCK- New Lunar Revolution
Original name: So ok here is a dubstep song i made on the album "My Little Dubstep" called "Changeling Queen" for queen chrysalis, The Vlog is comming soon, its my first so ...

Changeling Queen
Original name: Afraid is a Country/pop song written by Petah Jensen. Petah Jensen's EP "Afraid" is in stores NOW!!! Please head over to Petah's Facebook page and also check ...

Petah Jensen Afraid
Original name: Duo for NCFCA Lady Catherine and Lizzy Bennet sword fight in Wal-Mart.

Pride and Prejudice
Original name: Ava (8 yo) competes at the NCFCA Practice Tournament performing "A House is Built at Pooh Corner" by A.A. Milne. She placed 3rd in the juniors competition in ...

NCFCA Juniors Speech Tourney
Original name: Love Dissipates (original) my attempt at writing a country song... well its country-ish... sorry for the off key notes V1: She left without a word, no voice to be heard ...

Love Dissipates
Original name: Z - Could It Be (Produced by Anno Domini) Download the whole mixtape More Than Snails And Lights for free @ LYRICS She was ...

Z - Could It Be
Original name: Caroline (13 yo) competes in the NCFCA Practice Tournament performing a "The Little Princess" by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

Caroline's NCFCA Practice Speech Tourney
Original name: 2/22 渋谷aube おぼろフィルム

Modern Country
Original name: Another song from my new album entitled "Idioms"

In A Pickle
Original name:

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