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Construct game development
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2D side scroller game made in Construct 2
Original name: This is my first 2D side scroller made in Construct. before this i've made one inn Adobe flash using java script. The game has bugs and is yet not complete.

Generating Audio With as3sfx
Original name: NEW COURSE: Enter The Discount Code ConstructDude30 for a 30% OFF ...

Creating 8bit Sounds
Original name: Entry for the Scirra competition!

My favourite Scirra Construct 2 feature - Physics & Drag and drop
Original name: The 3rd Video from the game I make. The result of 3 weeks of studying game making with Construct 2.

Manny & Andro. My Construct 2 Game. Video 3
Original name: "primeiras imagens do game feito no construct 2"

Game - Mad adventures in Milly (Construct 2)
Original name: Construct 2 - Level Design - "A better guide..." =-=-=-=-=-=-= ...

Construct 2 - Level Design - "A better guide..."
Original name: How to get started.

construct 2 Bullet Hell 1
Original name: Construct 2 Platform Game - training level First cut.

Construct 2 Platform Game - training level
Original name: วีดิโอนี้จัดทำขึ้นเพื่อการศึกษาเท่านั้น ไม่มีเจตนาละเมิดลิขสิทธิ์แ...

Muggle Present The Vocabulary game with Construct 2 Program
Original name: I just started to learn Construct 2, and that's the result of my oneweek working period. Music by me( DS PowerStorm)

My Construct2 "Location" from game "Manny & Andro" Video
Original name: you are approached by a man that you don't recognize... ...what are his next words? ...what race is he?

is race a social construct #2
Original name: game MOD (of Quake III Arena), fish tank with live fishes, 60inch flat TV, Nvidia wireless 3D glasses; none interactive; time vary; installation view in Arario Gallery ...

Q3D, a fish tank and video game installation
Original name: Learn how to use sprite fonts the easy way! Before I receive any comments on the voice: it's not my own voice. I used a text-to-speech converter: I guess that ...

Don't be afraid of sprite fonts (Construct 2)
Original name: Sid Meier's Civilization IV is a turn-based strategy computer game and the fourth installment of the Civilization series. It was designed by Soren Johnson under ...

"Civilization IV" Original Soundtrack
Original name: A game by Alastair John Jack, music by Johan Hargne. Character portraits by Michael Stearns, game made with Construct 2, voice acting by Leigh Jackson.

Angvik - indie platformer-adventure
Original name: Fanshawe College radio student, Marina Barnes, talks with the stakeholders involved in Fanshawe's Game Development and Advanced Programming program.

YOUR Story - Game Development and Advanced Programming
Original name: Disclaimer: I am NOT a professional, I thought it would be helpful to talk about the process I usually go through when writing a new piece. I am trying to target the ...

How to Make Video Game Music For Beginners! ( Walkthrough )
Original name: Rap Voice E-book - Free Rap Voice Guide ...

How To Find Your Rap Voice (w/ Major Artist Examples)
Original name: html5 javascript 2d game i coded it using javascript canvas from scratch using websocket php in the server side (thanks to ghedipunk ...
Original name: kor-eng: ReVelUp Subs eng-pt: Red Velvet Brasil Red Velvet Brasil é sua maior e melhor fonte de informações sobre o grupo no Brasil! Inscreva-se no canal e ...

RandomAttack Javascript 2D MMOG Game
Original name: HTML5 platform game - currently under heavy development, realized with the support of only jquery and soundJS.

[EP1] Game Dev Girls (Legendado PT-BR)
Original name: A simple puzzle game to demonstrate how to build a tiled isometric map with Corona SDK. There's a tutorial here:

Teaser HTML5 platform game - work in progress
Original name: Small game developed in JavaScript using our own GameEngine in Java.

Corona isometric puzzle game
Original name: Hope you enjoyed the video!!! ----------------------------------------------------- Today we will be playing some Halo 4 Forge! Let's see what kind of trouble Onesiee and ...

GameEngine - PaperTron (Java + JavaScript)
Original name: Claudio Pietronik's 20 Power Ballad Licks

Troll or be Trolled (Halo Funny Moments)
Original name: Download link: Claudio has ...

Claudio Pietronik's 20 Power Ballad Licks
Original name: 1/10/2017 update - album sequel American Pixels now available! Track # 10 from my epic "American ...
Original name: 'YOU ARE A THOUSAND CELEBRATIONS' [...and the BOY is actually DANCING in this smashing number!]. It is a SUPERB PUNJABI LOVE SONG with ...

"Countdown to Death" - VG Remix by Mazedude - American Album 10
Original name: This took 1.5 hours to make In total it took 2.6 hours (Start screen and Tutorial Layout) If you guys have watched all the latest videos from me or other Youtubers ...

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Construct 2 free
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part 2
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Tutorial Layout
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