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Buffalo springfield retro
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Buffalo Springfield - Pretty Girl Why (1968) HQ
Original name: "Like the ghost of someone dear, She comes to haunt me in my sleep ..." So begins a reverie on a warm moonlit night, trees casting shadows on the bedroom ...

Buffalo Springfield - Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing (1966) HQ
Original name: What do you do when you finally lose your voice and can no longer sing or perform? When you lose all purpose in life because it has been taken away from you ...

BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD "Mr. Soul" Purple Rocks Vintage
Original name: CHECK OUT MY VINTAGE CLOTHING AT http://stores.ebay.com/Purple-Rocks-Vintage - Buffalo Springfield - 1967.

"1967" "For What it's Worth", Buffalo Springfield (Vinyl / HD)
Original name: This copy is from their 1969 "Retrospective" L.P. "For What it's Worth", written by Stephen Stills. *ATCO Records. **Presented by OzzyTunes.

Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth 1967
Original name: This channel is a Dictatorship that offers Freedom, but that does not give you right, to insult others. Este canal es una Dictadura que ofrece Libertad, pero eso no ...

For What It's Worth - Buffalo Springfield - Acoustic Guitar Cover
Original name: This song is dedicated to Natalie.

BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD "Flying On The Ground Is Wrong" Purple
Original name: CHECK OUT MY VINTAGE CLOTHING AT http://stores.ebay.com/Purple-Rocks-Vintage - Bufflao Springfield - Flying On The Ground Is Wrong - 1966.

BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD "Rock And Roll Woman" Purple Rocks
Original name: CHECK OUT MY VINTAGE CLOTHING AT http://stores.ebay.com/Purple-Rocks-Vintage - Buffalo Springfield - Retrospective - Rock And Roll Woman.

The Byrds - So You Want To Be A Rock And Roll Star (1967) HQ
Original name: In 1970 and 1971 I bought two greatest hits LPs that deserve to be considered as legendary albums in their own right. The first was Retrospective by The Buffalo ...

Original name: Buffalo Sprinfield - "Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing" - 1966 - CHECK OUT MY VINTAGE CLOTHING AT http://stores.ebay.com/Purple-Rocks-Vintage.

For What It's Worth - Cover by Josh Glass
Original name: hey guys! here's another song i played. it's written and performed originally by Buffalo Springfield. this was played at the Retro Café in Cambridge (i think it's ...

Bluebird , Buffalo Springfield , 1967 Vinyl
Original name: Written by Stephen Stills and recorded by Buffalo Springfield. Released as a single in 1967 from the album, "Buffalo Springfield Again", it reached #58. A longer ...

60's Acoustic Cover, Buffalo Springfield, Americana Singer Songwriter
Original name: http://jeremydionmusic.com/ http://facebook.com/jeremydionmusic/ I wasn't born until 1973, but have always had a deep love for a good 60's acoustic cover.

Lucas Alexander live 2005 - "For What It´s Worth" - Club Retro, DK
Original name: Singer and performer Lucas Alexander at Club Retro in Copenhagen in 2005 singing the 1969 anti-war song "For What It´s Worth". On backing is Sahra Cherise.

Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth (Cover By Adam Wayne)
Original name: Wanted to create an old school vibe with the video effects. Lotsa stuff goin' on so i tried to show as much of the parts as I could. Awesome song, awesome band ...

Buffalo Springfield - Expecting to fly
Original name: Buffalo Springfield - Expecting to fly.

Render - Buffalo Springfield For what It's Worth Cover
Original name: Louisville based classic rock cover band, Render playing part of Buffalo Springfield's For What it's Worth.

DJ OzYBoY - Buffalo Springfield - For What it's Worth - 2012 Re Edit
Original name: DJ OzYBoY - Buffalo Springfield - For What it's Worth - 2012 Re Edit.

SMILE: Time to carry on... video by Jan Latussek
Original name: Videoclip para el grupo Smile, usando una grabación en directo en el festival de longboard de Salinas 2008 Realizado por Jan Latussek John Franks: lead ...

Moby Grape - Omaha (1967) HQ
Original name: This video is dedicated to one of the greatest psychedelic rock bands to emerge from the San Francisco underground scene, yet who shared in very little of the ...

Dusty Springfield - Spooky
Original name: Spooky by Dusty Springfield, from the album 'Complete A & B Sides 1963-1970'

Neil Young - Cinnamon Girl
Original name: Neil Young - Cinnamon Girl I felt there needed to be a studio version up on Youtube for people to listen to. Song is property of Neil Young and Affiliating Record ...

Hole In The Wall - '10000 people' from 1971
Original name: Hole In The Wall performimg '10000 people' on Norwegian TV 1971 Hole In The Wall (initiated 1971 in Bergen, Norway) was a Norwegian countryrock band, ...

Loggins & Messina ~ Pathway To Glory (1973)
Original name: "Classic Chicago stepper's jam" Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina were the most successful pop/rock duo of the first half of the '70s. Loggins was a staff ...

6 Hour Megamix Of Freestyle/Electro Classics (80s/90s) (Pt 1)
Original name: 6 hours of some of the best 80s & 90s Freestyle & Electro Classics (mixed by DJ Spinelli). Why 6 hours, you ask? Because no one else (at this time) has ever ...

Bryn & Ben Duo - For What It's Worth (Buffalo Springfield cover)
Original name: Bryn Jones & Ben Granfelt Duo (+ Jukka Jylli on bass guitar) - For What It's Worth (Buffalo Springfield cover) @ Swengin Sillit , 30.6.2013.

Best of 50s 60s and 70s Music
Original name: Best of 50s , Best of 60s , Best of 70s , Vietnam War Music , 70s Rock , 60s Rock , 50s Rock N Roll , 60s Music , 70s Music , 50s Music , 50s hits , 60s hits , 70s ...

50s Rock N Roll
Original name: Couple of buddies taking a stab at Stephen Stills classic.

60s and 70s Rock
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50s Hits
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60s Hits
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70s Hits
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For What It's Worth
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