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Amy Woodforde-Finden Kashmiri Love Song Peter Dawson
Original name: This is an extract from Amy Woodforde-Finden's 4 Indian Love Lyrics as recorded by Australian baritone Peter Dawson in 1932. A four songs can be ...

Amy Woodforde-Finden 'Kashmiri Song' - Carmen Dragon conducts
Original name: "Pale hands I loved beside the Shalimar, Where are you now? Who lies beneath your spell? Whom do you lead on Rapture's roadway, far, Before you agonise ...

Richard Tauber - Kashmiri Song (1936)
Original name: The most popular song of the Four Indian Love Lyrics, with great interpretation from Tauber. Music by Amy Woodforde-Finden, lyrics by Laurence Hope.

Reni Jusis - Kiedys Cie Znajde [Official Music Video]
Original name: Music video by Reni Jusis performing Kiedys Cie Znajde. (P) 2003 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by EMI Music Poland Sp. z.o.o..

Pale Hands I Loved (Kashmiri Song) by Amy Woodforde-Finden
Original name: From a 1986 edition of TVS's regional arts programme 'Putting on the South', Ian Partridge and Richard Burnett perform a song from a forthcoming concert at the ...

Amy Woodforde-Finden=Stephen Hough Amy Woodforde-Finden:Kashmiri song ( Piano version)
Original name: No.3 from four Indian Love Lyrics. This beautiful and famous song was composed by Amy Woodforde-Finden(1860〜1919) and transcripted for piano solo by ...

1/2 Four Indian Love Lyrics (Amy Woodforde Finden) - Kashmiri Song & 'Till I Wake Part 1 of 2
Original name: Kashmiri Song has been posted several times lately. The most famous composition of Amy Woodforde Finden (1860-1919). It was one of the Four Indian Love ...

Kashmiri song - Amy Woodforde-Finden [text: Hope]
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Till I Wake ♬ from 'Indian Love Lyrics' (Woodforde-Finden) ❧ 1901 ❧ Russell Malcolm
Original name: Last of four song settings of poems by Laurence Hope. Although now rarely performed, the Four Indian Love Lyrics are among Amy Woodforde-Finden's best ...

Kashmiri Song, Woodforde-Finden, Florian Bonneau baritone, Gillian Ford piano
Original name: Florian Bonneau, baritone - Gillian Ford, piano - Classical Connections Live recording onboard m.v. Aurora March 2011 Kashmiri Song by Amy ...

Original name: British tenor Webster Booth sings one of Amy Woodforde-Finden's "Four Indian Love Lyrics", "The Kashmiri Song", accompanied by Hubert Greenslade in 1944.

Stand Tall, O Man! by Ken Berg
Original name: Performed by the Birmingham Boys Choir at the 37th Annual Spring Concert, May 17th, 2015 , Dawson Memorial Baptist Church, Birmingham, Alabama Ken ...

Alfred Piccaver Sings "The Kashmiri Song." (Woodforde-Finden)
Original name: Pale hands I loved beside the Shalimar (Gardens) /Where are you now? Who lies beneath your spell? /Whom do you lead on Rapture's roadway, far,/Before you ...

Pale Hands I Love (Kashmir Song)-Lorna Kelly (Audio)
Original name: From Indian Love Lyrics by Amy Woodforde-Finden (piano Neil Chapman Pale hands I loved beside the Shalimar, Where are you now? Who lies beneath your ...

The Temple Bells - Laurence Hope - Amy Woodforde-Finden
Original name: The temple bells, piano and vocal by Kbio1200!

Kashmiri Love Song - Amy Woodforde-Finden - Rod McGahon
Original name: "Kashmiri Song" is a song by Amy Woodforde-Finden based on a poem by Laurence Hope, pseudonym of Adela Florence Nicolson. The poem first appeared in ...

Rock Paper Scissors - The Diaries
Original name: Rock Paper Scissors performed by The Diaries, written by Lia Dawson.

Liam Payne Dancing / Bailando 2013 ¡Sexy!
Original name: Lo amooooooooooooooo!! Dios! *----------* Mueran!

Eva Svärd Mannerstedt performing Kashmiri song
Original name: Eva Svärd Mannerstedt sings a beautiful aria by Amy Woodford-Finden.

Lazy Jane - The Diaries (Jenny O Cover)
Original name: The Diaries cover Lazy Jane by Jenny O.

Nickelback SECC Live 2009 - Highway To Hell Cover!
Original name: Nickelback and Chris Robertson covering Highway to Hell by AC/DC at the SECC in Glasgow 23.05.09!

Linda Grace
Original name: Linda Grace concert, Sussex August 2013, accompanied by Duncan Reid.

Amy Woodforde-Finden: Kashmiri Song
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Colleen Rennison - All La Glory (Album: See The Sky About To Rain)
Original name: (Pianist Neil Chapman - live concert, Harare) From Indian Love Lyrics by Amy Woodforde-Finden The temple bells are ringing, And the young green corn is ...

The Temple Bells~Lorna Kelly (Audio)
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Watkins final 01
Original name: Columbia no DOX-527. Side 2."A Fruity Melodrama- Only A Mill Girl (or The Doings Up At The Hill)" by Bobby Comber, Robert Tredinnick, Fabia Drake, Fred ...

"A Fruity Melodrama"- Mixed Artist Comedy (2of2)
Original name: Here's an original song we preformed at a competition of how you imagine the world in 2030.

Transition Town show
Original name: Download Till I wake Piano accompaniment here: ...

Woodforde-Finden Till I wake Piano accompaniment
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